What are we?
A modest muffin shop that sells the greatest and the most delicious muffins. Together with freshly handmade pralines, chocolates & cookies and cakes!
Our History

Started back in 2004 as Chocolat World, we specialise in premium handmade Chocolates and pralines, we have been serving our customers excellent products and services providing gifts for your love ones. In 2010, we newly created The Signature Patisserie, as a modest muffin shop located at Chin Swee Road, Manhattan House, serving our customers with the best muffins, as well as quality Chocolat World products.

Today, we continue forming new creations for our customers, and strive to provide the best products and services.
"My only choice when comes to devil chocolate cake and double choc muffin."
"I would come here just for the open pizza. It's just too good. The place has a very good ambience..."