At The Signature Patisserie Cafe, everything is handcrafted with love, from our muffins to our coffee, to even the custom made wood furniture at the cafe. Every aspect of the store has a story.

The café space is designed and constructed by David and his team of carpenters, and features an ample patio space with comfortable seating and beautiful furniture made from local, recycled wood. The patio is made with durable chengal wood, the main countertop where the muffins are displayed is made of conjoined pieces of teak, and the platform closest to the restroom is made of raintree.

Most of the tables and chairs at the café are made from beautifully polished mahogany.

The first thing that greets your eyes when you enter our indoor seating space is our display of freshly baked muffins for the day. Usually, we have all our all-time favorites for sale, from double chocolate, cream cheese to cranberry muffins, along with our devil chocolate cakes.

Aside from the all-time favourites, many of our other muffins are made to order, so if you would like to get your hands on your favourite muffins, do order in advance or for home delivery.

Once you get to the counter and are greeted by our friendly staff, you will discover our wide selection of cooked foods and beverages. From irresistible pastas to specialty coffees, every item on our menu is made with love. Also, we are always revising our menu to cater to our customer’s palettes… did you know we have a dish named after one of our young customers?

We also serve all day brunch, and our café policy is: your eggs, your rules! So feel free to let us know what your preferences are – not just with eggs, but also if you need any mobility assistance, child seating, or if you have any food allergies.

You can drop by to dine-in, order for takeaway, make an advanced order through over website, or pick up a box of 6, 9, or 12 muffins or a loaf of devil’s chocolate cake! See you soon!