About Us

We are a family-owned business started in 2008 by Mei Li and her husband, David, who is a carpenter by trade. In the early days of The Signature Patisserie, the pair could often be sighted with their stacks of blue and yellow trays filled with muffins during sales events all over Singapore at malls like Isetan Scotts and The Arcade, as well as numerous other venues like the National Heart Centre and Global Foundries etc.

From then till now, we are motivated by one simple intention: to make freshly baked muffins accessible to everyone. Our light and fluffy bakes are filled with quality ingredients and treated with the utmost love and care for the enjoyment of people from all walks of life.

Since our humble beginnings, our menu has expanded to include devil chocolate cakes and a wider selection of delectable muffins which you would be able to savour alongside quality brunches, irresistible pastas and specialty coffee upon your visit to our cosy café.

Be sure to drop by The Signature Patisserie the next time you are in Beauty World. Just follow the fragrance of freshly baked muffins that waft through the streets of Lor Kilat during the day unto our woody storefront where our signature taste of homemade goodness awaits.

P.S. While we may not be Halal certified, we are Muslim-friendly as we do not serve pork or lard.